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Ultracold grating at -196°C

Ultracold grating at -196°C

You can receive freshly-grated wasabi! Ultracold grating method

Ultracold grating method (Patent *1) is developed to deliver freshly-grated aroma and spicy flavor of wasabi.Grating at an ultracold temperature of -196°C halts the movement of enzymes, aroma and spicy flavor are sealed in without being volatilized.With the Kinjirushi's refrigeration technology, the wasabi freshness and real taste that remain frozen will be delivered to our customers.

Grating the wasabi at an ultracold temperature of -196°CGrating the wasabi at an ultracold temperature of -196°C

Characteristics of ultracold grating

  • 1. Grating performed at -196°C
  • 2. Halts enzyme reactions in wasabi
  • 3. Maintains the aroma and spicy flavor of wasabi
  • 4. Freezes wasabi in a fresh and delicious stateCharacteristics of ultracold grating

What are the enzyme reactions that develop aroma and spice?

Tube wasabi at room temperatureTube wasabi at room temperature

Grating the wasabi at room temperature causes an enzyme reaction to occur, eliminating the aroma and spiciness during the manufacturing process.

The enzyme reaction occurs when grating, so the aroma and spicy/sweet flavor is lost here. Food additives (such as flavoring) are added to room temperature wasabi to make up for this, making it taste differently from the natural flavor of wasabi.

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