KINJIRUSHI’s Statement of Determination

As a pioneer in the processed wasabi industry, the KINJIRUSHI Group has been providing the world with the fresh aroma, flavor, and health benefits of wasabi.
On April 1, 2020, the 91st anniversary of our company’s founding, we took the next step toward becoming a 100-year-old company by revamping our brand logo, brand concept, and brand statement.
Our dream is to make wasabi commonplace on every dining table around the world and to make KINJIRUSHI WASABI a globally recognized brand.
Kindly look forward to the KINJIRUSHI Group for more in the future.

Brand Concept and Statement

To a tastier and healthy world.

Wasabi is flavorful. The aroma and pungency of grated wasabi brings out an abundant flavor fit for the rich food culture. Wasabi is not only flavorful, it is full of health benefits such as antioxidants, dietary support, hair growth, skin care and supports brain function. We are proud to present to you the highest quality wasabi and contribute our extensive research and development to bring to the world high quality food and health benefits.

This brand concept and brand statement describes the determination of the KINJIRUSHI Group to take the grand next step toward becoming a 100-year-old company.
Our goal is to let as many people as possible know about the authentic taste of Japanese wasabi and its significant health benefits,
also to create a wealthier and healthier world by introducing our wasabi.
We would like to restate our solid ambitions.

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