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Kinjirushi Co., Ltd.

Wasabi is a savory herb originated in Japan. Since the ancient Asuka period, it has been appreciated as a precious herb. Till now, its special smell and spicy taste become more fascinating, so it has become an indispensable foodstuff in Japanese dishes. However, it is very difficult to produce Wasabi and its price is very high, so more and more Japanese people cannot enjoy the original taste of Wasabi although the Wasabi powder, Wasabi plaster and its other conveniently served products have been extensively seen in Japanese families. Through propaganda and other activities, our corporation makes more people know about the culture of Wasabi in Japanese traditional food culture and that Wasabi is a true savory herb.

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Message to the World

The indispensable Wasabi in Japanese food culture goes global

"Wasabi" is considered as a traditional Japanese seasoning. Its charm relies on its fresh fragrance and piquancy. In order to make everyone enjoy the authentic delicious taste of Wasabi, we dedicate ourselves to the whole process from species improvement to production perfection. Moreover, we also devote ourselves to studying the help of Wasabi to health and have discovered that Wasabi can help resist fatigue. We hope to spread Wasabi’s unique charm including its authentic delicious taste and healthy effect, etc. around the world.

Spread the charm of Wasabi to the world

Our management principle is to "Create the human's health through food and make contributions to the world's food culture", and we make contributions to the spread of Japanese food overseas. Starting from the "Sushi Boom" happened around 1980 in America, Wasabi was rapidly spread. At that time, the logistics was mainly dominated by "Wasabi Powder" and "Wasabi Paste Tube" that could be saved in normal temperature. However, Kinjirushi has been launching its refrigerated "Raw Wasabi Mud" since it established the Los Angeles Branch in 1984 to the New York Branch in 2007, endeavoring to make everyone enjoy the original taste of Wasabi. In 1994, it established an overseas department and started its export to Asia and other regions. Moreover, it started the enlightenment movement of Wasabi in 2001 in order to respond to the boom of Japanese food in Europe. Moreover, it actively participated in exhibition fairs and officially started the export of Wasabi. In 2007, it set up Paris Office in Europe for the first time in the Wasabi sector. In addition to London Office and Frankfort Office, its sales have now expanded throughout the whole Europe.

LA BranchWasabi sachet exported to other countries